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About Cameos:

Cameos have been popular since Roman times, and as items of jewellery have come in and out of fashion ever since.

The precise date when the first cameos came into existence is unknown but there are examples dating from the 3rd century BC.

We do know that during the time of the Romans they were used as amulets and seals but they also began to play their part in art and fashion. In this period, cameos were worn as insignia with ceremonial dress, put into helmets, sword handles and breastplates.

Cameo rings were popular a great many mounted in bronze. Popular subjects at that period were classical and mythological scenes depicting gods and goddess and the heads of rulers and statesmen carved in gemstones in ancient Greece and Rome

The word cameo describes a natural material such as a hardstone or a pliable material such as plastic carved or moulded in relief being raised above the background.



Cameo A History

The very first cameos were carved from gemstones, agate and Sardonyx were particularly popular materials because of their different coloured layers making interesting cameos, whereas cornelian, amethyst, aquamarine, green jasper and rock crystal were used for intaglios.

Intaglio is a carving in which the artist carves down into the stone to hollow out a recessed image.

Throughout the ages, collecting cameos has and continues to be a passion, and even though many pieces may be deemed too precious or too unfashionable to wear, their beauty demands that they are items to be acquired and treasured.

They are without doubt wonderful miniature pieces of art, intriguing and beautiful and one learns to appreciate the skill and workmanship that is required to produce the best.

They can be a lucrative investment too, especially if you buy wisely...

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Cameo Values:

It is fair to say that an item is only worth what the buyer is prepared to pay, and this varies greatly depending on where you choose to purchase the item. Cameo prices change continuously; the price reflecting in supply, demand and regional markets. Some images are more popular than others and always have an eager market and therefore are able to attain high prices.

Cameos bought at a conventional auction are not necessarily going to be cheaper than they would be from a dealer specializing in antique jewellery.

At auction enthusiastic buyers eager to procure a desired piece are often carried away in the excitement of the sale and will offer a higher price than they might otherwise choose to do boosting up the price to an excessive level.

Leaving aside cameos from way back in antiquity, and concentrating on the last 2 hundred years, rarity, quality and condition will determine a cameo's value.

The age of the piece does play a part of the over-all value but age without quality would make no significant difference to the value.

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Dear Cameo Collector,

Does your jewellery box contain a previously cherished keepsake of European royalty, a head of state, a famous artist or an emperor?

If so you could be sitting on a fortune... Recently a single cameo sold at Christie's auction rooms for $321,100.00!  

It certainly makes you think doesn't it?  And it should...

A Passion Stretching Thousands Of Years Into Antiquity...

The art of carving gems in relief, can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Egypt - The Egyptians crafted scarabs from fine bone, ivory, stone and precious metals  These have been excavated and dated from the Sixth Dynasty (c. 2325c. 2150 BC)

And it was from those origins this form of carving lent itself to the creation of seals which were then commonly used create impressions in ceramics and storage jars...

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"
John Keats (Endymion)

The 'modern' word 'cameo' is likely to come from the word CAMMAEUS (latin) for "engraved gem" and it's believed cameos as we now look upon them date back to 6th Century BC Greece - when the creative art form took hold.

History And Beauty You Can Hold In Your Hands

Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 1st were known to be avid collectors.  So to was Charles I, the artist Ruebens, the Emperor Napoleon, The Earl of Arundel and Queen Elizabeth 2nd -

(It's said that Catherine of Russia described her passion for collecting cameos as a 'disease' -)

Finally You Can Discover Much More About Cameos... 

As you know every cameo is a miniature work of art, they possess classic beauty that has held the attention of generations and whether you buy them to add to your collection or to trade and sell, then 'The Cameo Collector's Bible' is a must have guide.

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